Meeting Street Academy Field Trip

We love students visiting our asphalt plant.  These visits afford us the opportunity to share the knowledge we can sometimes take for granted.  Who knows, the nuggets of information these students take with them could eventually form the next generation of our industry. 

Last Friday, students from Meeting Street Academy visited our North Charleston plant.  Here, they started their tour with a safety briefing.  Each student got their own hard hat and safety vest and learned critical information for operational safety.  From there, they took it outside to the plant.  They had some hands-on time with a front-end loader, dozer, track hoe and dump truck.  The students then took a ride around the unloading facility on the train. 

The tour continued in the control tower where the students were able to load asphalt into dump trucks.  They got on the radio and were able to communicate with one another across the plant site, from the control tower to the truck.

Work in an asphalt plant is all about being surrounded by chemistry, so we ended the tour with a science experiment.  They learned about asphalt ingredients, then got to make their own edible asphalt.  Check out our asphalt recipe below for a DIY asphalt treat!

We hope the day was as enjoyable for the students as it was for us! 


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