To provide a safe and healthy work environment for the protection of our most vital resource – our employees.  The safety of employees is of the greatest interest to all levels of management and supervision, ranking in importance above production, quality, costs and service.

Banks Construction Company will maintain a vigorous safety and injury prevention program at each location and will allocate the necessary resources to ensures a safe and healthy work environment.

Employee Safety

All prospective employees must undergo a pre-hire fit-for-duty physical and pre-employment drug screening, to include a hair follicle test.

Once the pre-hire process is completed, the employee undergoes New-Hire Safety Orientation. Various training is conducted by the Safety Department, Managers, and  Supervisors.  We truly believe that all incidents are preventable and conduct thorough incident investigations to prevent reoccurrence. Our near-miss reporting program also assists in incident prevention. Every employee has STOP WORK authority should a hazardous situation arise.

The Focus 4 initiative was created after identifying trends in the root cause of most incidents. Employees know to focus for safety when one or more of these situations arise:

Focus 4

When you’re tired

When you’re backing a vehicle

When you’re working at night

When you’re in a hurry

Situational Awareness Training

In the winter of 2017, we began conducting Situational Awareness Training. This training focuses on different hazardous situations that could happen at any time while conducting work. It raises awareness and teaches employees how to react if a situation like this were to occur in the field.

Work Zone Safety

We make every effort to protect the public while we perform our work, so our philosophy is that a work-zone should be well marked, simple to navigate and easy for all drivers to pass through safely and with minimal disruption. Our dedicated Traffic Control Division stays in good contact with job superintendents and subcontractors to schedule lane closures and ensures all proper advance warning signs are in place.

Employee Recognition Program

Our Recognition Program emphasizes and rewards team members for their contributions to the safety and healthfulness of the job sites we all share.  We firmly believe that the contributions that you make to ensure a safe and healthful work environment are an essential part of the success of Banks Construction as a company and the success of each of us as individuals.  While working safely is an expectation we have for all of us, this program recognizes the extra effort that goes beyond the minimum required on a daily basis.  The men and women who perform the work are the most valuable resource of Banks Construction Company and we use this opportunity to recognize those individuals that actively participate in improving our safety culture and caring for the safety and well-being of themselves and the people around them.


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